3 Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Forever

Ways to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Forever

Nothing lasts forever, and your air conditioning system is just an electrical appliance. But if you count the longest possible interval as ‘forever, you can make your air conditioner last forever. But how is that?

Most air conditioner brands demand to last for 10 to 15 years while running efficiently and giving you adequate cooling. In many cases, homeowners say that their AC has been running for more than 15 years. Then what extra are they doing for an extended lifespan of their air conditioning system?

Well, that is what we intend to discuss here!

We want your AC not only to last for the most extended interval but also to run effectively without causing you any trouble. Here are three ways that you can follow to upkeep the health of your AC.

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Make Annual Maintenance a Habit

Your air conditioner system is one of the most expensive purchases that you make for your house. Then why not maintain it and keep it as new as it was when you unpacked it for the first time? It’s not only the outer appearance that you need to keep clean and tidy but every part of your air conditioning system needs care to provide you with the expected cooling.

Most of the homeowners make a general mistake, and they only call an HVAC expert when there is a breakdown or problem in their air conditioning system. A wise approach is to make annual air conditioner maintenance your habit as you do with your health. Spring is the best time for the yearly maintenance of your air conditioner before the temperature rises. An expert HVAC professional will inspect your AC and make the required repairs before they turn into more significant and expensive issues.

Repair Air Leaks

If the cold air is getting out of your home through any leakage, it will be harder for your air conditioning system to keep your house cool. This will not only lead to discomfort but will also lead to high electricity bills. Your air conditioning system can even wear out before its time.

Periodical inspection can help HVAC experts to find out the places where the air is escaping. Filling up the cracks and holes from where the air is escaping, and weather stripping around your doors and windows will solve the problem.

Provide Shade to Your Outer Unit

The outdoor unit of the air conditioning system is probably the most neglected part of the entire HVAC system. But if you want your AC to last a little longer, you must change the habit of ignorance. You must pay equal or extra attention to your outdoor unit.

If the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is sitting in the sun for the whole day, your system needs to work extra to cool down your home. You can move the outer unit of your air conditioner to a shady spot or can purchase an air conditioner shade cover from any home improvement store to cover the external unit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple tune-up, checking each part of your air conditioning system, tightening all the connections, and some minimal repairs, if needed, are included in air conditioning maintenance.


The HVAC experts recommend getting your air conditioner serviced at least once or twice a year. But you need to do some regular housekeeping to maintain your air conditioner.

Cleaning the indoor and the outdoor unit more often, cleaning the clogged and dirty air filters, routine replacement of the dusty air filters, checking the drainage of the system, and getting your air conditioner professionally examined at least once a year can help you maintain the quality of your air conditioner.

Your HVAC system must be maintained at least once a year for better and more efficient performance. You can schedule air conditioner maintenance during spring.

If you want your air conditioning maintenance to be a quality one, you must hire a certified HVAC professional to do the job. HVAC companies with better reviews and experience can offer you the best service quality.

In general, you can consider buying an air conditioner to be an investment for the next 10 to 15 years. If your AC is more than ten years old, you can consider replacing it with a new one. If your AC is causing you trouble even within the expected lifespan, you may consider a replacement based on the cost of the repair.

There can be several reasons which are causing a freeze-up of your AC. Mostly, if the refrigerant level of the air conditioner is lower than standard or the fan is not operating correctly, it may freeze up your AC. Faulty thermostats and drainage issues in your air conditioner can be other reasons for an AC system freeze up.