4 Important Early Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

If you have been busy checking off the tasks on your traditional springtime cleaning list, we hope your HVAC unit’s maintenance is also on that to-do list. Early spring maintenance of your HVAC unit will not just prepare you better to beat the scorching summer heat, but it will also help you run your HVAC unit more efficiently, thereby helping you save on your energy bills. That said, in this post, we discuss some of the most important HVAC maintenance tips that you must follow to get the best out of your HVAC system. Let’s delve deeper.

Test the HVAC Unit

Testing the entire HVAC unit is the first and foremost thing you should do to maintain its efficiency. Before running a deeper check, you will have to make sure the unit runs properly, and that there’s no leakage, strange noise, warm airflow issue, strong fuel smell, or any other issue. Check the outside and the inside thoroughly. While you are testing the unit, let it run for an hour or two. If you uncover any problems, you will have enough time (before the scorching summer heat) to treat the same.

Clean Dirty Air Filters

Cleaning air filters is extremely important to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC unit. The air filters get clogged for many reasons – dirt, rust, foliage, pollen, and other allergens. A dirty air filter does not just reduce the airflow, but it also deteriorates the air quality in the room. If not cleaned every month, the cool air will be trapped inside the unit itself, inducing ice on the coils. This, however, will cause your HVAC unit to freeze, thereby making it inoperable. Therefore, replace your air filters every month (if you have a disposable filter) or wash it (if you have a reusable one).

Be Mindful of the Surrounding Vegetation

Gardening is quite popular during spring. As a gardener (and an HVAC owner), it is important to be careful about vegetation around the unit. Small flowers, bushes, shrubs, crops, and even insects, for that matter, decrease the HVAC unit’s efficiency. Ideally, these plants should not touch the HVAC unit and should be at a distance of two feet from your system. In case they are closer, consider trimming a few plants or placing them somewhere else.

Get Rid of the Dirt and Debris

If you haven’t been able to check up on your HVAC unit during the winter season, we recommend you do it now. That’s because the chances are that your HVAC unit may have a lot of dust, debris, dead leaves, etc., accumulated around it. If not cleaned, the dirt and debris may impact your HVAC unit’s efficiency as it may have covered the condenser coils and the compressor. That’s because the layer of dust and grime decreases the absorbing property of the condenser coil. It can also lead to other issues such as refrigerant leaks, unusual noises (banging or hissing), and warm airflow, causing a decrease in your unit’s efficiency.

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