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An Expert Guide to Central Heating Pumps

A heating unit is the most important part of any home in Ontario. Most homes in Ontario have central heating pumps. As a homeowner, it is important to know everything about these units. Starting from when to call heater repair in Rockwood to when is it time to call for a tune-up service. In this article, we’ve created a short guide about everything you need to know about central heating pumps.

Question 1: What are central heating pumps?

A central heating pump is an important part of your home’s HVAC unit. The pump is installed as a part of your central heating system to speed up the transfer of hot water through the pipes to the radiator. This ensures the water doesn’t cool before it reaches your radiator and your home remains warm throughout the winter.

Question 2: How does the central heating pump work?

The water is first heated in the boiler before it enters the central heating pump. Once it enters the heating pump, the pump uses centrifugal force to force the water into the pipes at a high speed and with high pressure. The pipes are often connected in a circle, so the water ends up back in the boiler to be heated once it has passed the radiator.

Question 3: Where can I find the central heating pump?

Central heating pumps are most often located near the boilers. There may be a cupboard near the boiler which is used to hide the central heating pump. Alternatively, it can also be installed near or under your staircase. You can call a contractor for heating replacement in Cambridge, ON, for additional help.

Question 4: Does the central heating pump require as much maintenance as other HVAC units?

Yes! To maintain maximum efficiency, the central heating pump requires regular maintenance and inspection. It is a good idea to schedule maintenance at least twice a year to ensure the heat pump does not face any problems. Additionally, this can also help you determine whether there is any problem before it compounds.

Question 5: What type of problems does a central heating pump face?

Heating replacement in Cambridge, ON, is often done because of the following issues:

  1. Irregular or inefficient heating cycles
  2. The central heat pump has fluctuating or low pressure.
  3. A central heat pump is making continuous noises.
  4. The central heat pump turns on/off by itself.
  5. A central heat pump is leaking water.
  6. A central heat pump is clogged or blocked due to dirt and debris.
  7. A heat pump is working but the water is not flowing.
  8. There are electrical issues, including (but not limited to): excess electricity consumption, no electrical power, and short circuits.

These are the top 8 problems that most central heating pumps face.

Question 6: Is there any DIY solution for these problems?

No, there is no appropriate DIY solution for these problems. The best solution for these problems is to call B.A.P. Heating & Cooling Services. They provide excellent heater repair in Rockwood. To book their services, call them at (647) 250-0619 or send an email to sales@bapheating.ca.

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