Common Baseboard Heater Problems And Their Solutions

Having your home’s heating system break down or malfunction in the middle of a roaring winter is not a pleasant experience. If you have a baseboard heater, it comes with its own set of problems.

Baseboard heaters are of two kinds:

  1. Electric baseboard, which is similar in function to electric space heaters
  2. Hydronic baseboard, which is similar to the conventional radiators

Either poses a different set of problems.

Baseboard Heater Problems And Their Possible Solutions

We have listed a few baseboard heater problems along with a few ways to overcome them:

Hot And Cold Spots

Hot and cold spots in your room are often not signs of a faulty heater but of furniture, their positioning, curtain materials, etc. However, if you feel all these things are fine, feel free to call for a heater repair in Milton, ON.

Temperatures Fluctuate

Baseboard heaters are not centralized heating systems. They depend on their thermostats to tell them how and when to work. If you face frequent temperature fluctuations, check your thermostat and try readjusting the settings. Consider replacing it altogether if nothing else works.

Water Gets Hot, But There’s No Heating In A Hydronic Baseboard

These problems arise primarily because of two reasons:

  1. Blocked vents keep the hot air flowing through its designated course
  2. A leakage in the hydronic pipes causes the oil or water to leak into nearby areas

You may clear any dirt, debris, or object blocking the vents and examine any pipes showing leakage signs.

Soot Or Smoke From The Furnace

Visible soot and smoke from an electric baseboard are common problems that can be fixed easily. It is caused when the heaters are dirty, and the heating element starts burning the dust and debris that has accumulated over it. Turn off the furnace and let it cool completely before performing any cleaning.

The Heater Is Noticeably Loud

Loud noises from a baseboard heater can have many reasons and often need professional help. It might be caused by a leak or the presence of air in the system. Call for a quick solution for a heater repair in Cambridge, ON.

Loud Bangs From The Heater

Such noises can have various sources like valves, pipes, or any vital component of your baseboard heater. Immediately call for a heater repair in Cambridge, ON, for a thorough examination and servicing of your appliance.

Problems range in their severity. Before you call for heating repair, there are a few diagnoses you can make to get your heater up and running:

  1. If you have electric baseboard heating, you might want to start with the circuit breaker and ensure it’s not tripped. If it keeps tripping, there might be an issue of overheating caused by something blocking the vents.
  2. You can further check the thermostat and heating elements and ensure it’s clear of any dirt or debris.
  3. Hydronic baseboard heaters might have air stuck in their pipes or have boiler malfunction. Their pipes are also susceptible to leaks.

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