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make your home more comfortable

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Not only are we offering rebates for a limited time, but you can also ask about our special financing options.
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We know that your home is your sanctuary.  When units must be placed by windows or in outdoor common spaces, the operating noises can become a nuisance. The Daikin FIT system offers quiet operation allowing you to find comfort in your outdoor space, again.


Does your heater take longer than average to warm your home? Have your energy bills gotten out of hand? It’s likely because your system is using more energy than necessary to make your home comfortable. The Daikin FIT system uses inverter technology to keep your home consistently comfortable and your energy consumption low. 

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Traditional units can be cumbersome and take up a large quantity of your outdoor space. Daikin FIT units allow you to reclaim your outdoor space due to their compact size.


The FIT system has a discrete design, meant to blend in with the environment of your home.


The Daikin FIT system, when paired with the Daikin ONE+ thermostat, becomes a sophisticated solution to not only control the temperature within your home, but also monitor air quality levels, and energy consumption. Allow the Daikin FIT & Daikin ONE+ to take care of the comfort in your home. 

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