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Different Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioning Efficiency and Save Money

Getting an air conditioner in the house can increase your energy bills. If you maintain your air conditioner well enough, you won’t have to worry about it breaking on you at some point.

Your air conditioner might not be as efficient as it needs to be, which could be evidence that it’s not running correctly.

Knowing the signs that your AC isn’t efficient is a good idea before improving it.

Here are a few indications your AC is giving you

  • Increase in humidity.
  • Increased utility bills.
  • Indoor air quality is poor.
  • Weird air conditioner noises
  • Ice building on the compressor.

If you are looking for any of the above problems, it’s time to schedule a routine checkup.

Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency


Retrofitting is the process of merging new features into your old air conditioner. You must be tired of the high maintenance bills generated by your air conditioner.

If you do not have enough saved for a new air conditioner, retrofits are a great way to increase your comfort. You have the option to retrofit your air conditioner and heating equipment.

Having a programmable thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat will reduce the manual work of turning down your thermostat. You can use your thermostat to automatically adjust your air conditioner to on or off at your desired time.

Replacing filters

AC filters sometimes need to be changed so, when something is wrong, request HVAC assistance. It will help the service person diagnose and fix the problem. Dirty filters obstruct the airflow and increase humidity. 

For emergency air conditioner repair in Milton, ON, you can call our experts to resolve the issue.

Reduce direct sunlight

An HVAC technician knows not to put a thermostat near a hot area. The thermostat will think the space is too hot while it’s cool, so it will turn the air conditioner on, wasting energy.

If your air conditioner is placed in a hot area, it’s time to fix this issue.

Cleaning condenser units

The outdoor condenser unit should always be free from debris to maintain its efficiency. Condenser cleaning involves various methods and tricks, so go through the model guidelines once to avoid damage to the unit.

Make sure to hire a technician if you want to deep-clean the condenser unit.

Covering Windows 

Covering your windows reduces the amount of heat coming in, which helps prevent your system from having to work too hard.

Leave for working to first thing in the morning and close your windows and curtains to keep the home cool.

Fix air leaks

Air leaks cause energy loss, which is another huge cause of lost efficiency in your home. If there are air leaks, then cool air that is distributed in your home will move outside. 

Plan an air conditioner checkup today to avoid paying high bills.

BAP Heating & Cooling Services

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