Five Reasons Why Your Heater Stopped Working And How To Fix Them

On a cold winter evening, if suddenly our heaters stop working, it becomes one of the worst nightmares of our lives. Thankfully, often the problems that caused your heater to stop working are not that huge. With minor probing, you can fix them yourself!

Let’s dive into the article to know the possible causes that stopped your heater from working. Before you call for heater repair in Rockwood, check for these issues and try to fix them.

It Might Be As Easy As A Clogged Filter

Before you think about booking a professional for furnace service in Guelph, Ontario, check the air filters of your heater. Air filters clean the dust and dirt before letting air into the heater and back into the room. If you do not clean the filters regularly, they can get clogged and let little to no air pass through them.

As a result, the heater might stop working. Clean the filters regularly and choose them at least once every year to avoid such issues.

There Might Be Faulty Thermostat Settings

Another common reason is the problem with the thermostat settings. Check if the thermostat is turned on in ‘heat’ mode and if the set temperature is not too low. Increase the temperature a little higher than the required temperature to see if it works.

Ensure that the thermostat is placed in the right part of the room. It shall be placed where it can gauge the appropriate temperature of the room.

There Might Be A Problem Of Blocked Drain Lines

Your furnace drains off gallons of water every day. Over a period, these drains get clogged due to sediments or fungus growth. You must clean these drain pipes regularly by flushing them.

All you have to do is removed the drain hose and fill it with a blend of bleach and water. Leave it for a while and flushed it out. Your heater should start working after that.

The Gas Might Be Powered Off

Before you start looking for a heater repair in Rockwood, make sure that the gas is powered on. Just like you forget about the thermostat settings, the gas valve can also be easily ignored.

Look for the gas line running from the furnace back to the meter. If you notice a handle perpendicular to the gas pipe, make it parallel to switch it on. In older models, ensure that the pilot light is burning. If not, light it to solve the problem.

Lack Of Proper Maintenance Could Also Be A Problem

Timely maintenance of good quality is key to keeping your heater working efficiently. If the technician you hire for your heater repair in Rockwood, ON, is not knowledgeable, he might not deliver quality service.

As a result, essential aspects of maintenance will be left untouched and lead to frequent wear and tear and breaking off parts of the heater. Book for experienced professionals for your maintenance at least once a year to avoid such situations.

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