GSW Flame Guard® Atmospheric Vent Gas Water Heater

GSW Flame Guard® Atmospheric Vent Gas Water Heater

GSW’s Flame Guard® Safety System reduces the risk of accidental fires involving flammable vapors from products such as gasoline, paint thinner, solvents, etc.

Product Specifications

GSW Flame Guard® hot water heater tank image

  • Flame Guard® Safety system reduces risk of accidental fires
  • Aluminized multiport steel burner (cast iron on propane models)
  • Complies with latest Flammable Vapour Ignition Resistant (FVIR) regulations in Canada and the USA
  • Piezo electric igniter removes need to light with matches
  • Child resistant, corrosion free drain valve
  • Unique inner flue – glass lined inside and out to prevent scaling
  • CSA International certified
  • Series 10 Natural Gas Models feature an LED status indicator light, easier temperature adjustment and superior design
  • Energy Star® qualified models available, featuring:
  1. Electronic flue damper to increase efficiency
  2. Turbulator™ dip tube for self-cleaning, reducing sediment at the bottom of the tank and increasing hot water output by as much as 8%
  3. More foam insulation and higher Energy Factor for energy and cost savings

Click the following links to download specification sheets for standard and Energy Star models:

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