GSW SuperFlue™ 75 Gas Water Heater

GSW SuperFlue™ 75 Gas Water Heater

A built-in blower allows through-the-wall or through-the-roof venting up to 50 feet to the exterior of the home. Ideal for conversions from electric to gas water heater.
GSW SuperFlue™ 75 gallon hot water heater tank image

Product Specifications

  • Patented TankSaver™ design
  • Foam insulation, R8, CFC free
  • Automatic gas control
  • Cast iron burners on 284 L/75 gal natural gas models
  • Vents up to 50 equivalent feet with 3″ venting
  • Factory installed, plastic lined nipples
  • Energy efficient electronic ignition
  • CSA International certified
  • 3/4″ side connections for combination applications

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