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Here’s What You Should Know When Your Furnaces Begins to Smell

Are you experiencing different kinds of odor inside your residence? Furnaces sometimes produce a strange smell as a warning. They can be potential indicators that there is something wrong with your furnace. Homeowners should not ignore the smell. In such cases, it is wise to reach out to furnace replacements in Cambridge, ON.  

What are the different types of furnace smell, and what do they mean?

Let’s dig deeper into different kinds of furnace smells. And, what is causing the smell? The list of some common furnace odors is given below;


If homeowners can smell chemicals like formaldehyde, this indicates that the furnace has some problems with its heat exchangers. This is a terrifying experience. Most of the time, one can’t identify the kind of chemical, you must immediately contact our furnace repair in Guelph as it can create serious health issues. Heat exchangers are responsible for cycling the heat out. It removes the heat from the combustion chamber and then from the plenum. A cracked heat exchanger is a potential fire hazard. It can even leak carbon monoxide fumes inside the residence.

Metallic smell

Metallic odors are acidic. It is caused by the burning of electrical wiring in the furnace. It can be due to damaged or uncovered wires. It could have been caused due to a spark or melted insulators. They overheat and can create hazardous problems in residences. If you ever smell metal odors from the vent, you should shut down the machine immediately. Running the unit can lead to electrical shock or breakdown.

Sewage smells

This smell indicates problems in the plumbing system of the residence. When the sewer line near the unit is open, it emits a sewage smell. This comes directly from the furnace vents. It is not common. It can also indicate a broken wastewater line in the area. Homeowners can try investigating the external vents before calling the plumber or technician.

Burning dust smell

This smell is most common when you initially turn on your furnace in the winter. This is caused by dirt buildup on the filter and overused. If the odor persists, try calling furnace replacement in Cambridge, ON, to replace the filters.

Dead animal smell

Sometimes, animals pass out in the ducts or the lower floor area of the furnace. It has some of the worst smells. Rodents lose their way in the ducts, and eventually, they die. Homeowners should check the floor-level ventilator registers to check if any animals are stuck inside. Cleaning the area will solve the odor problem.

Musty smell

Musty smell signals damp and humid ducts. It comes out when the furnace is put to use after months. These odors are completely normal. As the surface accumulates dirt and dust, restarting the unit can create a musty or sometimes dusty smell inside the house. We can help you air out any furnace smell in your house. Book an appointment with our professionals by calling us at (647) 250-0619. You can leave an email to our team at sales@bapheating.ca.  
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