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How Can I Make My Old Furnace More Efficient?

Let’s have a look at simple tips

There are many to ensure your furnace is working or not or using too much energy. So let’s discuss some tips that will help you to know about the efficiency of your furnace. 

Clean and check the vents

For checking and cleaning the vents, walk through your home space and take the stocks of air vents to make sure that they are free of obstruction or any blocked vents. After that, you can turn off your furnace and then unscrew the vent covers. Vacuum your vent opening using the long attachment of a vacuum. If you want your furnace to work and perform best, you should always remove the access panel from it and then use the long attachment to clean out the debris or dust present collected inside.

Change the air filter 

If you keep a target to lower the energy cost, you should replace your air filter every three months. Whenever you run the furnace in heat mode in winter, you should always check it every month to ensure that it is not too dirty. Furnace installation in GuelphOntario, sells different types of furnace filters by installing new furnace filters, which is very simple to pop out the old one and then pop in a new one.

Think about the thermostat

 To save a considerable amount of money during winter, it is advised to set it at 68°F when you are awake and 7 to 10° F at bedtime. By turning down the thermostat for 8 hours, you can save 10% of your heating bill. The programmable thermostat will always make it easier to manage all these issues.

Get a tune-up

Just like vehicles need a regular tune-up, you have to set up an HVAC professional who can give an energy tune-up to your furnace using combustion analysis. Furnace repair Cambridge always uses advanced tools for diagnosing the issues in your furnace. 

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