How Do I Get My Furnace Outs of Lockout Mode?

A perfect way to relax during the cold weather is to have a hot coffee and enjoy the warmth inside your home. Suddenly, your furnace stops working and intervenes in your relaxation time.

Why Do We Install A Furnace At Our Home?

The main reason to get furnaces installed in our home is it radiates warmth and makes the environment cozy. If your furnace has stopped suddenly, try switching it on to check its efficiency.

Generally, it will start working, but when the sensor in the furnace detects any burnout or unsafe condition, it gets shut down to protect the unit from any damage.

Lockout Mode in Furnace

Furnaces observe the entire heating cycle to keep you protected from any hazards or ensure safe operating conditions. The sensors present in furnaces also check the ventilation system and blower door state.

If a sensor senses something fishy other than the normal condition of the system, it completely shuts down the entire HVAC system. This state is known as the furnace ignition lockout.

Root Cause of Furnace Lockout:

Furnace lockout is very unusual and, therefore, there are only a few parameters that can cause the shutdown of the complete system.

  • Faulty Sensors: The flame sensors can get clogged due to dusty weather which, leads to improper functioning, and the sensor will no longer sense the flame and lock your HVAC system.
  • Broken Igniter: Another reason why furnaces slip into lockout is the ignitor not activating. The ignitor should be active within minutes of being turned off. Else, the flame sensors fail to process that information.

What Can Be Done To Resolve These Issues?

  • Check for the replacement of faulty flame sensors.
  • Cleaning the air filter will help avoid clogging.
  • Always check for ducts if they are damaged or working efficiently.

A Pre-Checklist To Consider Before A Lockout Reset

Lockout Reset requires special skills and tools. Before going for a reset, you must fulfill the below conditions:

  • Treat the issue that led to the furnace lockout.
  • Ensure that the furnace is shut and is in lockout mode only and not due to any other fault in the system.
  • If the problem is not solved yet, you need to contact an HVAC specialist.

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How To Reset The Furnace?

When a furnace is locked out, it stays that way until someone resets it. No matter the cause, you need to perform a reset procedure to get out of the lockout.

Modern Gas Furnaces Can Be Reset By Following These Three Steps:

  • Turn Off, wait for 20 seconds, and Turn on.
  • While it depends on the model, a few furnaces take 1-2 hours to come out of the lockout mode.
  • If your furnace has a pilot light, make sure you light it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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