Reasons Behind Frequent Clogging Of My Furnace Filter

The filter in your furnace prevents dust and dirt from entering the furnace and being circulated back into the room. Thus, your filter is bound to get dirty after a period. You shall clean your furnace’s filter at least once every month and change it at the end of three months. This will maintain the efficiency of your appliance and will increase its lifespan.

However, the frequent clogging of the filter despite regular cleaning might suggest certain aspects you shall pay some heed to.

Reasons Behind Frequent Clogging Of The Filter

Excessive Contaminants In The Air

The first thing you might want to consider is the dust particles present in the air of your room. If there has been any renovation or work with wood, etc., at your home, or if there is a construction site nearby, then your filter might get clogged sooner than usual. 

This might also happen if you have some furry pet at your home or during some specific time of the year when the trees might be shedding pollen, etc. With the increase of airborne contaminants in your room’s air, the filters with their job to clean the air are likely to get clogged frequently.

Constant Running Of The Fan

Before you think of simply opting for furnace replacement in Cambridge ON, you must take a quick look at your furnace and see the setting of the fan. If the fan is in the ‘auto’ mode, it will turn on only during the heating cycles. 

On the other hand, if you keep the fan in the ‘on’ mode, it would be working consistently. It would increase air- circulation. As a result, more dirt and dust will be accumulated on the filter, leading to its frequent clogging.

Return Air Ducts Near Sources Of Dirt And Dust

Return air vents can be yet another reason behind the frequent clogging of your furnace filter. If you have a dust source or dirt and debris around the opening of the suction vent, it will suck it in, which will then be filtered via your furnace filter.

Moreover, if these ducts happen to have an opening or hole where there are attics that are home to dust and dirt, that would have the same result. A heater repair in Rockwood by an experienced technician might do the trick here.

The Temperature Outside Has Been Colder

Another reason can be that the temperature outside has recently been lower than usual. As a result, your furnace will be working for long hours every day. It would again lead to more air getting filtered, leading to frequent accumulation of dust and dirt. 

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