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Water Heater Sizing Chart

Water Heater Sizing Chart

House Type Family Size Peak Daily Water Use Tank size Gas  Tank Size Propane Tank Size Electric Tank Size Oil
Vacation cottage or very small home 2-3 50 gal 19 19 30 32
Small family home 3 60 gal 30 30 35 32
Home with 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and washing machine 4-5 120 gal 40 40 35/46 32
Home with 3 bedrooms, washing machine and dishwasher 5-6 150 gal 40 40 46 32
Home with 4 bedrooms, washing machine and dishwasher 4-6 180 gal 50 50 72 50
Larger home with 4 or more bedrooms, washing machine and dishwasher (heavy use) 5-7 200 gal 60 60 97 50
Larger home as above with whirlpool baths 6-8 250 gal 75 75 119 68
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