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What Happens When Your Furnace Capacitor Goes Bad?

A capacitor is a small component shaped like a can that stores energy in an electrostatic field and stabilizes the voltage across the HVAC system. The capacitor provides an uninterrupted flow of electricity that keeps the furnace blower moving and generating hot air. 

Like other parts of a furnace, the capacitor can also break down or fail over time. Most homeowners try to change the capacitor on their own or call for a heater repair in Rockwood. 

Indicators of broken capacitors

Fixing a capacitor is easy, but identifying a broken capacitor can be tricky. Hereabouts are infrequent indications to look out for:

  • The system turns off on its own or in between the furnace cycle
  • Humming noises from the system
  • Insufficient heating of the room due to a dysfunctional furnace from a broken capacitor
  • The blower motor stops spinning even when the thermostat is set, and the furnace is on.
  • Your HVAC system is old, and a furnace replacement in Cambridge, ON, is required.

Effects of a bad capacitor

If your furnace capacitor goes bad, the entire heating process of your furnace will be adversely affected. As the capacitor is responsible for starting and running the motor, it has to function properly for the room to heat. Without a steady flow of current, the blower motor cannot push the air, and ultimately, you do not receive hot air when you need it the most.`

Thus, an error-free capacitor is extremely important for a flawless furnace. A monthly inspection of the furnace and vigilance can help you identify and fix a broken capacitor in no time.

B.A.P Heating & Cooling Services can help you with a bad capacitor and a lot more. We offer it all from furnace installation to furnace replacement in Cambridge, ON. Contact us at (226) 210-2964 today to book a heater repair in Rockwood!

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