Which Heating System Is Right For You?

Installing new heating systems for your home is an important investment. You install these appliances for around 10 to 15 years at a stretch. Purchasing the right heating appliance is not easy unless you have appropriate knowledge in the HVAC sector. However, with some basic knowledge, and expert assistance, you can get the perfect heating system for your home.

Read On To Know Some Basics Before Approaching Any Heating or Furnace Service in Guelph, Ontario.

Heat Pump

The heat pump forms an essential part of your HVAC system. It uses the outside air to heat it during winter and cool it in the summer. It is an energy-efficient option. It extracts heat from the outdoor air conditioner or ground during winter and distributes it into your room. The same appliance removes the warm air from your room during summer, offering you a cooler environment.


While a furnace is also used to heat your room, the process used by the furnaces is quite different. It uses fuel to heat the cool air, then circulates across the room through its blower. While some furnaces use gas fuels, others use oil. You can choose the type of furnace according to your place and requirement.

Dual-Fuel System

The dual-fuel system consists of a heat pump as well as a furnace. According to the requirement, it switches between the two. During mild winter, it uses a heat pump as less warmth is required on the inside. During colder days, it switches to the furnace system. This offers comfort to the user while ensuring that the system is cost and energy-efficient.

Which Of The Three Is Best For You?

Which heating system you should choose depends on various factors. 

  • One of the most important things to consider while purchasing a heating system is the place where you live. In general, depending upon the severity of cold weather, you can purchase a heat pump, furnace, or dual-fuel system. 
  • If you live where the average winter temperature falls at around 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, heat pumps will be suitable for you. Moreover, if you live in a place with lower electricity charges, heat pumps serve as a great candidate. 
  • If you live in areas where the winter is chilly with average temperatures falling below freezing point, purchasing a furnace will be more suitable for you. Unlike heat pumps, furnaces don’t depend on the outside heat to make the temperature inside the room warmer. So during extreme weather, they fare better. 
  • If you reside in areas that see both mild and extreme winters, a dual-fuel system works best for you. Based on your heating requirement, it will switch between a heat pump and a furnace system. It will be an energy-efficient choice and would offer the utmost comfort. 

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