3 Steps To Make Your Furnace Quieter

Furnaces are known for producing strange noises. When the furnace is on, you may hear small pops or beeps. When your furnace becomes noisier than usual, or you hear a sound you’ve never heard before, it’s generally a sign that something is wrong. It is always best to consult with your furnace specialist about routine maintenance. You can also contact professionals for furnace repair in Cambridge, ON, to have your unit inspected.

What strange noises does your furnace make?

Your furnace may produce sounds like grinding, banging, popping, or whistling noises. While some furnace sounds are normal and should not be concerned about, others indicate an underlying problem. Use these three steps to make a diagnosis and quiet your furnace.

Find out the cause

Even if you have prior experience in the HVAC industry, sometimes you may not be able to diagnose why your furnace unit is making noise immediately. But you can observe the source of the sound and the type of sound your furnace is producing. From this, you can draw some conclusions about the furnace problem.

Here are some examples of sounds you might hear from various locations:

  • Grinding noise: If your heating system starts making scraping noises, especially the sound of metal scraping metal, something is loose and needs to be fixed right away.
  • Popping noise: When dirt accumulates on the furnace heaters, it can cause a gas accumulation. When this occurs, you will hear a noisy splash or clunk as the burners finally spark.
  • Whistling noise: A heavy squeaky noise could indicate several problems, but it is usually a sign of a component that needs to be reconfigured or repaired.

Try some D.I.Y. steps

If you are a nifty homeowner and are familiar with heater repair in Milton, ON, you must try some do-it-yourself steps. Even if you are not professional in handling such systems, you can try a few simple fixes to solve common furnace noise issues. Try any of the following that applies to your situation:

  • Replace the air filter if you hear whistling or whooshing.
  • Look for holes in the ductwork and plug them in to stop a buzzing noise.
  • Insert a metal plate over a weak spot in the ductwork to stop a smashing sound.
  • You can use a hammer, duct tape, or padding to protect rattling ductwork.

Once you have tried these possible options, restart the furnace to see if the noise problem is resolved. If it is, make a note of what you did for future reference. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Seek professional help

Technicians can troubleshoot any issues with your furnace that are beyond the scope of your home repair skills. If you cannot identify the problem yourself, you should hire a skilled technician for furnace repair in Cambridge, ON, to diagnose the sounds.

Try these steps to know what is wrong with your furnace and solve the issues before it’s too late. Using these three steps, you can figure out what’s wrong with your furnace and what steps are required for having a completely functional and relatively quiet furnace yet again.

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