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Rockwood ON is an area that requires both a cooling system in the summer months and the use of a heating system during the colder winter months. There are a variety of heating system options that can be selected from, however, the ball is in your court on what system you select to serve your requirements adequately. Entrusting us at B.A.P Heating & Cooling with providing you with the information and advice you need to make an informed decision, is a choice you won’t regret. We provide professional furnace in Guelph, Erin, Rockwood, Fergus, ON and surrounding areas.

Furnace – Gas or Electric?

The furnace in Guelph, ON seems to be a very common choice in the heating system these days and this may be attributed to the price in comparison to other equipment in the market and of course the availability of this equipment. There are of course options with regards to the furnace in Guelph, ON as well and you need to ensure that you have all your ducks in a row before making the selection that is going to live with you for an extended period of time. Don’t cut corners, do your homework and employ our services to ensure that what you choose is going to keep you completely satisfied rather than have you kicking yourself with regret.

Electric vs. Gas Furnaces

An electric furnace in Guelph, ON is less costly upfront and the installation not as involved as with gas applications which is why many people opt for this choice. The gas options is more costly upfront and definitely provides a more complicated installation. The difference here is in the operational costs. Whereas the electrical version can become extremely costly due to the rising costs of the utility and that is not to mention the unpredictability of how long the resource will still be available. Gas options make use of natural gas to power the system. This is a much more cost-effective selection and you can be assured that natural gas resources are bountiful. Both of these systems do have a long lifespan of approximately 15 years which is a lifetime in anyone’s book. The electric options do tend to have a bit of an edge here with longevity sometimes reaching as many as 20 years, dependent on the maintenance service history.

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