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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace Will Not Turn on With Thermostat

Having your furnace die on you when winter sets kicking in is a pathetic experience. Furnaces with thermostats often act that way when they have not been used in a long time. We have brought together a list of a few problems that will cause a furnace not to turn on.

Five possible reasons why your furnace will not turn on with a thermostat

The possible reasons for your furnace not turning on are:

Issues with thermostat

Furnaces that do not kick start usually have problems with their thermostat. It might be a simple problem like battery issues or loose wirings or a serious one in which you’d have to consider getting a replacement. These days, there are digital and smart thermostats available in the market, and sometimes they can be quite complicated to use. Make sure their settings are such that it communicates properly with your furnace and is set to provide heating.

Thermostats are an integral part of a heating appliance. You must purchase thermostats according to the size and make of your furnace. If installed poorly, they are bound to miscommunicate information to your furnace. Have a professional explain the kinds and install a suitable thermostat.

Blocked air filters

Blocked air filters are notorious for causing all sorts of problems. If you turn on your furnace and do not find hot air blowing, it is possible that your air filters are clogged and would not let air flow through the whole system and might even cause a system breakdown. Make sure to put suitable and matching air filters while replacing the old ones. If you still face issues, call for a heater repair in Milton, ON.

Poor wirings

With time, wirings suffer wear and tear. They might be loose or frayed, thus causing disruptions in their connection with your furnace. Inspect your wires to see if they are in place and alright. Have a technician look at all your furnace’s wirings for a thorough examination.

Belt or blower issues

A belt or blower issue will have you thinking that something is seriously wrong with the heating system. A loud high pitched sound is a sign of a blower problem. Your best option is to call for a heater repair in Cambridge, ONand let a trained technician examine the situation.

Most of the blowers or belts in your furnace only need regular lubrication or something similar. However, you are most likely to damage your blower and belt if you skip on periodic maintenance of your furnace.

Tripped breaker

Tripped breakers are very common and happen due to safety reasons so that your appliances or wirings do not suffer much damage. Examine all your circuit breakers and have them replaced if their condition worsens.

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