Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for winter

What to Do to Get Your Furnace Working Before the Winter Sets In?

Has it started feeling a little cold in the mornings? Or have you noticed that the leaves have started changing colors? You can experience either or both, because winter is nearby, and very soon, it will wrap you in its cold embrace. But what will you do to keep yourself warm in winter? You will rely upon your home furnace to keep yourself and your home comfortable. But is your furnace ready to face the winter? You can hire a professional furnace repair near you, for a furnace tune-up. But there are some easy and effective methods to get your furnace ready.

6 Tips to Make Your Furnace Ready for the winter

  1. Change the Air Filters: The air filters help your home get uniform airflow produced by your home furnace. And to get equal warmth in every corner of your home, you need to keep the air filters clean. If your air filters are clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris, you must clean them before winter arrives. You must change the air filters if you find them beyond cleanable. You can hire a furnace repair near you and ask the technician to change the air filters.
  2. Clean the Heat Exchanger: You need to hire trained professionals to brush and vacuum out the heat exchanger when you do not use your furnace. While cleaning the heat exchanger, ask the professional offering furnace repair near you to perform a complete system scan to ensure no cracks can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into your home.
  3. Clean and Lubricate the Blower Motor: First things first, you need to check the user’s manual if your motor needs lubricating. If it does, you need to turn off the power, open the cover, and clean the cover and bearings. Later, you need to lubricate the bearings.
  4. Turn On the Thermostat: You need to set the temperature right when all you expect from your home furnace is to work efficiently. The thermostat is from where the system gets the instructions about how it needs to work. Setting the temperature a few degrees higher than your room temperature will help you get enough warmth during winter. You also need to check your thermostat if it’s working correctly. Scheduling a furnace repair near you will be helpful if your thermostat is not working correctly.
  5. Inspect the Chimney and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Your chimneys can be the house of carbon build-up. You need professional services to inspect your chimneys periodically. A routine checkup and (if required) replacement of carbon monoxide detectors help you stay protected from the harmful effects of the gas. Schedule a furnace repair near you, and ask the expert to perform a professional tune-up before the winter arrives.
  6. Test the Igniter Switch: An old furnace system might need relighting of the pilot, whereas newer systems have electronic igniters. If your furnace igniter isn’t working, you must push the reset button. If that trick does not work, you need to check your breaker. If even that does not help, call a professional for furnace repair in Cambridge.

B.A.P. Heating & Cooling Services can help you improve the efficiency of your furnace before winter. We also provide annual maintenance by professional HVAC technicians. Schedule your maintenance check today.