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How can you use your AC efficiently?

We all want to be comfortable in every type of season, be it winter or summer. But energy prices keep rising year after year. So you need to use your air conditioner efficiently. There are several way to do that, and in these posts, we will be going through those ways. And if you need some professionals, then look for an AC company in Cambridge.

Keep temperature stable

We understand your urge to keep your AC at the minimum possible temperature on hot and humid days, but that is not how your Ac could work efficiently. Instead, it will be facing a huge load and may malfunction. If that happens, look for AC repair in Milton, ON. We would recommend you keep your temperature settings between 18-21°C. With this setting, you will be comfortable, and your AC will also work efficiently.

Fan setting

Use your unit’s fan setting on those days when it’s warm but not unbearable. Although the breeze may not be as cold as the cooling setting, it will be enjoyable and less expensive than using the chilling feature.


It is useless to use your AC when no one is home or on a cold day. Instead, you should use the timer setting of your AC, which automatically turns the AC on when you are about to enter the home in a few minutes to enter a home that is already at the perfect temperature you want to be. With this, you will be saving energy and huge extra bills. If something is wrong with your timer setting, then look for  AC repair in Milton, ON.

Close doors

You do not want your AC to be working more than it already has. For example, if someone is showering, ensure the bathroom door is closed so that warm, damp air does not enter the room with the air conditioner. Overall, closing off the room where your unit is operating will make it much more efficient, as it will only be trying to keep that room cool rather than the entire house.

Filter cleaning

Keep your air conditioner’s filters clean to ensure it’s in good working order. You should clear your filters at least once a month, ideally every two weeks. This can be taken care of by turning off the unit on the wall, removing the filters, and vacuuming or washing them in soapy water. Replace the filter and turns the unit back on once they are successfully dry. So look for an AC company in Cambridge.

Dehumidifying mode 

You must use dehumidifying mode on a humid day to save your money on high energy bills because, generally, humidity makes us uncomfortable. Things can be pleasant when it’s warm, but when there’s humidity in the mix, it can suffocate. So use dehumidifying mode instead of cooling. Our skilled professionals deliver the best dependable and price-effective AC repair in Milton, ON. Call us at (647) 250-0619 or mail us at sales@bapheating.ca to schedule a service today.
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