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How to Maintain Your Furnace All Year Long?

The fall has almost arrived. No time can be greater than this to have your furnace checked and ensure that it is in peak operating condition for the upcoming winter. Continuous and reckless use of the furnace can damage parts and lead to high costs for furnace repair in Guelph. As no one wants to live without heat during winter, annual maintenance can help maintain the furnace’s efficiency and expand its life expectancy.

Tips to Help You Prepare Your Furnace for The Upcoming Winter. 

Clean the Furnace 

Dirt and dust are some significant problems with your furnace. A dirty furnace not only wastes fuel and reduces heating efficiency, but it also uses more energy and increases your home’s utility bills. Regular cleaning of the motor, blower and filters will boost the system’s efficiency and help lower utility bills. You can follow the recommended maintenance schedule given by your furnace manufacturer or can call a heating and air conditioner service near you for a cleaning service.

Change the Furnace Filters 

No matter the type of filter that you use, you need to clean and replace them when necessary. Filters are made of cardboard frames and you must replace them instead of washing them. Replace your furnace filters every three to six months based on your usage. A clean air filter will improve the airflow throughout your home and also improve your furnace’s efficiency.

Yearly Maintenance Can Save Up Time and Money 

You can initially go for a furnace’s self-inspection and search for visible signs of damage or problems. However, it is always recommended to have an experienced HVAC technician conduct a thorough furnace inspection and tune-up. Professional furnace repair in Guelph will ensure addressing all the system’s underlying problems and fixing them to bring your system back to its peak operating condition. If you want to ignore reaching a “no heat” situation during the middle of winter, the best move is to call a heating repair near you.

Choose a Maintenance Agreement 

A maintenance agreement simply ensures that your heating system will be maintained throughout the year. If you make an agreement with a professional HVAC company like B.A.P. Heating & Cooling Services, you can expect your furnace system to run smoothly and efficiently with an extended life expectancy.

Additionally, maintenance agreements are a great way to keep unexpected furnace repairs in Guelph at bay. Nearly every homeowner can replace and clean the furnace filters, but total furnace maintenance requires an HVAC contractor’s expertise. The technician will diagnose the problems with your furnace before they become costly repairs. Plus, properly servicing your furnace will keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

If you want to ensure that your furnace system is ready to provide total comfort throughout winter, call B.A.P. Heating & Cooling Services as early as possible. We want to check your system thoroughly to detect any problems and fix them before winter comes. We are considered one of the best heating and cooling companies near you. If you have any questions regarding your furnace and want to know about the costs of a Furnace repair in Cambridge, we can answer all your questions and offer a free estimate. Call us today.


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