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Possible Repairs Your Furnace May Need

When the weather gets cloudy and cold, a furnace can be a great boon. Furnaces are indeed man’s best invention as it keeps our homes comfortable and cozy during winter, while also preventing seasonal issues such as burst pipes.

Most homeowners, however, fail to realize that a furnace can become damaged as it stays off for more than half the year. Since the unit is off for so many months in a row, it is not uncommon for homeowners to require furnace repair in Guelph, or furnace replacement in Cambridge ON before the winter kicks in. Listed below are a few common repairs your furnace may need.

Dirty burners:

If you frequently change your air filters, you will be surprised to see how dirty the burner in your natural gas furnace can get. If the burners are clogged, it can create numerous issues, such as delayed ignition, which in turn will cause your utility bills to skyrocket.

It is, therefore, imperative to keep your burners clean all year round. It will increase the life of your unit and keep your home warm and cozy.

Issues with electrical connections: 

A good electrical connection is quintessential for an HVAC unit to function smoothly. It is the case with both all-electric as well as natural gas furnaces. Worn-out electrical wires or old and fraying wires can cause your unit to malfunction.

Low heating and delayed responses are tell-tale signs of problems with your electrical wiring. While you may be able to change filters, you should leave electrical wiring issues to the technicians. One small mistake can short your unit, which can lead to expensive repairs or replacement.

Problems with the pilot light:

All-natural gas furnaces have a pilot light. If the pilot light in your furnace is steady and blue, you are good to go. If the pilot light has a yellowish hue or will not stay lit for long, it could mean that there is something wrong and needs immediate attention.

An experienced HVAC Contractor in Cambridge, ON or a technician can diagnose a faulty pilot light and resolve the issue for you instantly.

Poor airflow: 

Poor or weak airflow can ruin your comfort. It can be caused due to myriad reasons. For instance, a clogged and dirty filter could be the culprit as it reduces the airflow into your furnace.

Likewise, leaky ducts make it impossible for heated air to enter your home. If you feel your house is not heating evenly, check your filters and other components to see something amiss.

B.A.P. Heating & Cooling Services is one of the best service providers in town that render exceptional furnace repair services in Guelph, Ontario. Call us today at (647) 250-0619 to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our reliable HVAC technicians.

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