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What Type Of Heating Systems Do You Have?

Heating systems are now dominating the world by heating and cooling our homes. But it is necessary to know what kind of heating system one has.

Knowledge of your house’s type of heating system is essential because it can help with regularly scheduled maintenance. Regularly maintaining your heating system can reduce your costs. Sometimes you might be unable to figure out the type of heating system in your home. You can call the professionals providing services like heating and cooling in Cambridge to find out the type of heating system.

The common type of heating systems:

Furnaces or heaters 

Furnaces are a type of heating system which uses the method of blowing warm air into different rooms with the help of ducts. First, the air gets heated inside the furnace with the help of natural gas, oil, or electricity. It is distributed to different rooms through ductwork and a fan. However, the ductwork can get filled with dust. The air filter of the furnace also needs to be changed. Hence, you require furnace maintenance.

The efficiency of furnaces is rated by AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). If you have a furnace, regular maintenance is advisable. Also, make sure that the furnace is appropriate in size to your house where it is installed.


Unlike furnaces, boilers distribute heat throughout the house with the help of water. The hot water passes every room through radiators or other devices such as radiant heat floor systems. Boilers use pumps instead of fans and ducts. With the help of this pump, the hot water circulates in the house. The cold water is brought back again for reheating.

Just like a furnace, a thermostat controls a boiler. However, boilers are more expensive than furnaces since their installation price is more. Boilers generally use natural gas or sometimes heating oil as fuel. Boilers are also less energy-efficient than furnaces or heat pumps.

Heat pumps 

Heat pumps are energy-efficient heating systems that transfer heat. It is a two-way air conditioner meaning that it provides heating and cooling. Heat pumps move hot and cool air as per the settings, and hence they consume less energy than furnaces and boilers. Heat pumps are suitable for mild to moderate climates. The air-source heat pump and the ground-source heat pump are the two main types of heat pumps.

There are many other types of home heating systems that are less common. They include radiant floor heat, fireplaces, electric space heaters, baseboard heaters, etc.

If any of these systems in your house need repair, you can call services like heater repair in Rockwood.

The knowledge of which heating system your home has is necessary. So is the regular maintenance of the heating system. Our company, B.A.P. Heating and Air Conditioning provides one of the best maintenance services. We also do repair and installation services. We pride ourselves on quality work, reliability, customer satisfaction, and excellent support. You can visit our website to find out more information about our services. You can also contact us at sales@bapheating.ca or (647) 250-0619, or (226) 210-2964.


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